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Services Description Bending and Cutting Metal Service

We are a company engaged in Sheet Metalworking, experienced more than 10 years. Our work includes plate buckling, cutting plate, roll plate, fabrication, etc. We work on various types of plate, Iron plate, Steinless plate, Aluminium plate, Copper plate, Galvanized plate, Bordes plate, etc.

Wehave the best and skilled workers in machine opration. We always provide training for our employees to operate every machine we have. Our employees are also able to analyze the images provided by consumers so as to provide the best job results for customer satisfaction.

CV. Mulyo Tekhnik, Workshop and Maintaining service company was establishedin 1997. In line with thevision and mission in itsestablishment, CV.Mulyo Tekhnik persistently improve product quality standard, reputation to customer and company's growth it self. Also, the10 years of experience have brought along with in the ability to CV. Mulyo Tekhnik to process deep understanding in the characteristics of business operations in engineering, steel contructions & mechanical. Therefore, CV. Mulyo Tekhnik is able to provide thebest quality service to the customers and also as a strenghness to compete with others.


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